About us

Marc Dave Brian RyanButler Parking Corporation (BPC) was begun in 1972 by then owner George Hamilton at the Butler Garage on 2nd and James in downtown Seattle. Fifteen years later current operators Brian Mahn and Marc McCann joined the company eventually taking over ownership.
Brian and Marc branched out, taking over operations of local parking garages, outdoor parking lots and valet event parking. Since 1987 we have continued providing safe, secure, valet and management parking services throughout the Seattle area.

Our parking system has proven very successful for the building owners who contract with us. Some advantages include: BPC owners are frequently on site reviewing systems for increased efficiency and providing oversight. Several times per week owners provide training for employees. 24 hour availability by phone provides customers with a contact in case of any emergency or question. BPC comes with a veteran team starting with involved owners, reliable experienced employees, and our own vendor network to support our services and complement yours. Our landlords often sell us to potential tenants as an added benefit.

The BPC objective with building parking facilities and Valet events is to provide parking with uniformed employees, well-defined and posted parking systems, and our superior time-honored ability of fast, efficient and courteous valet service. Our experience and hands on management style creates strong relationships making us an exceptional representative of your company when tenants first arrive in the morning and throughout the day.

Whether you need parking, have a parking garage, parking lot or need valet parking for your event, we can help and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Please contact Marc at (206) 354-4702